Phew, that’s a relief!

…we think so to:) 

The Real Deal

in the
Melbourne Wedding Band &
Melbourne Corporate Band


Heatwave believes in honesty, sensational performances

and personalised service.

Finally a Melbourne wedding band to be excited about!

The most commonly asked question is:  ‘Are we one band?’ and rightly so.  The answer is YES, we are the real deal!

Melbourne wedding bands come in many different forms.  Unfortunately these days, it’s not so easy to define which bands are formed, and ones who are a business franchise.  With so many Melbourne bands that aren’t actually formed bands it is easy to be confused.  How do you know what you are getting?  How can you be sure the band you choose is not a franchise or collection of random musos?  Why not just book the main vocalist and see which other musicans rock up on the night?  What is the difference? 


Our advise…

Know the warning signs.

BEFORE booking.


Do you attend a preview evening where you to choose a vocalist not an entire band?

Are the same backline band performing for every vocalist?

Do they have preview nights in different states of Australia?

Are their promo videos and photos showing different musicians?

Do they include the names of each band member on their website?

Do you speak directly with a band member?

Can you meet the band members to work through your running sheet?

So why should you choose a formed band?  

For us its as simple as

1, 2, 3

1. The Heatwave Vocalists. 

Vocalists who engage, excite, perform with fabulous harmonies, blending, movements and musical segues.

 2. Personalised service.

Melissa is there every step of the way with your event planning and yes you are speaking directly with us as she is also one of the vocalists.  Melissa is more than happy to meet with you along the way to discuss and assist you with creating the perfect running order, finding the perfect balance of formalities and dancing.  Heatwave band will ensure your vision of an amazing night of celebration comes to life! 

3. Second to none performance.

Heatwave members perform regularly together – Crazy concept I know :).  Our performances include seamless transitions between songs, slick performances, groove, harmonies, song transitions, and the list goes on.  Instead of meeting each other on the night, we know each other, know the songs and have your wedding at the forefront of our mind.  Our conversations revolve around the moments that make it special for you.  Whether that be a custom bridal party entrance song, first dance or a fun way to throw the bouquet.  We care about making your wedding unforgettable with a sensational standard of entertainment, professionalism and care factor.

Let’s make your Melbourne wedding a night to remember with Heatwave band onboard.

Contact us today to secure your wedding date!

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