LET’S Dance under the stars!

But wait, There are things to consider.

It is magical to perform under the stars but there are a few points to consider before you plan for the band to set up outside.

Over the 10+ years Heatwave have been performing at amazing weddings, the one thing we can’t predict is the weather.  0% rain can turn pretty quickly into a shower at a moment’s notice.   Don’t you just love Melbourne weather?  Funnily enough, it’s not just rain we are concerned about.

Other considerations like ample ambient lighting, dew and wind are other factors that may put a dampener on the evening.

Don’t despair, there are ways around this.  It is possible to have a magical outdoor wedding, let’s just be smart about it and have a plan B inplace.  


So what are the dangers?

Apart from the band getting drenched!  Well that actually doesn’t bother me:).  Even on a hot day, when the night sky chills the temperature, condensation sets in.  This intern covers our electrical wires, speakers, amps, microphones, instruments, drums and digital mixer in damp leaving our band members silently freaking out!

Baby your a Firework!

Ok, so we don’t want this lyric to come true!  Unfortunately, uncovered equipment and electrical wires out under the stars whether it is raining or not is never a wise decision.  It may look magical but when you consider the risks it is not worth it.  Yes, we have tens of thousands of dollar’s worth of equipment but also at the forefront of our minds is the safety of the guests, band members and staff.

Positioning is the key

The easiest solution is to place the band in the marquee with the guests.   If you position us near an entry/exit, you’ll find the guests will dance with us and spill out under the stars as well.  Also the vocalists Wal and I always dance and sing with the guests on the dancefloor so we will move with you.  The best of both worlds.

Can you move if the weather turns?

Yes, but this is not a quick process taking us at least an hour to adjust our positioning.  (Although it would be cool to hire a stage on wheels)  This query is more common than you may think.  I can think of a corporate performance in Dubai where the event coordinator asked us if we can move at a moments notice.  (We were fine to but the staging guys had a big issue with it – I wonder why?

Retractable goodness!

When booking a marquee, look for one with retractable sides.  This is perfect!  Then we can cover the equipment swiftly if the weather turns nasty.

Clear Marquees

Yes they do exist and are STUNNING!  This way all of your guests and the band can be wowed in the starry night sky.



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