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It’s time to book a Melbourne band that is going to have your guests dancing the night away!  Let’s make it happen!

Would you like more information about Heatwave Band?  We have a FAQ page including the most popular questions about our inclusions, who we are and why we are the number one choice in Melbourne Wedding band entertainment.


Heatwave are passionate about being honest, brilliant, competitive and down right lovely guys (and gals).  Visit our ‘THE REAL DEAL’  page for more information about what to look out for when choosing wedding bands.  This is a must read!  Know the questions to ask other bands, know the signs to find out who is actually real formed band.  Know what you are getting!


Here is our feature Blog!  Jess and Cam’s wedding was truly inspirational in many ways.  Amazing florestry, stunning venue, and most of all sensational band (aka – Heatwave).  Get inspiration from these amazing photographer and videographer.


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Love is Love

Heatwave Band was thrilled to perform at their first Same Sex wedding but it wasn’t for the reasons you may think.

Are you planning a wedding away from home?

Are you planning a wedding interstate or overseas? Mel (the band manager) has first hand experience and listed some tips and tricks in your planning stages.

What a thrill it was to perform for Epworth!

What a thrill and honour it was to perform for our heroes. Melbourne Corporate events don’t get any more rewarding than this performance.