This inspired wedding was the incredible vision of one equally as amazing couple.  We were thrilled to perform for Jessica and Lachlan’s wedding. 

It was a cold, rainy, Melbourne day and on my way to meet with Jessica & Lachlan to go over the running sheet I received a phone call…. it was Lachlan….  Jess was rushed to hospital she had slipped, fallen and severely damaged her ankle.   Could you just imagine the panic just weeks away from their wedding.  Jessica is just amazing, she just took it on the chin and continued with her wedding planning moon boot and all!

The wedding must go on! And so it did with finesse,
style and a moon boot!

As soon as the guests entered Luminare, they were stunned as they walked into the most magical and romantic wedding reception they had ever seen.  As soon as they had a glance at each-other they were both beaming with love and excitement. 

Nico (Heatwave’s guitarist) and I performed during the ceremony.  The atmosphere was electric and all the guests relished in the opportunity to dance the night away under the breathtaking ceiling hung floristry and drop lighting.  This wedding will take your breath away!  If you would like inspiration on how a fabulous florist can bring your wedding to another level – this is a must see!


Amazing bride and Groom on an amazing wedding day

So In Love!

Jessica &  Lachlan’s wedding was truly magical.  There was an instant vibe in the room.  The couple and guests were absolutely beaming with happiness.  A treat to be a part of.


So many people have commented how amazing you guys were. You really provided the perfect atmosphere throughout different stages of the day. So thank you. We couldn’t have picked a better band!

Jessica & Lachlan.

Extra touches make all the difference

Who wouldn’t be taken back by the incredible floristry?  What makes this wedding even more incredible is the final touches.   Loving this Cocktail Bar addition.  I mean… Who wouldn’t??

Ceremony transformation

Not many of our wedding couples have an onsite ceremony.  The team at Luminare were fabulous in making the ceremony transform to a dance-floor within minutes.  Heatwave’s were up for the challenge!  We managed an entire band set-up during pre dinner drinks.  Pros!  

Wedding flowers in Melbourne

Dropped lighting!

The stunning floristry came to life on the dance-floor.  Throughout the evening we had white petals gently fall creating a constant perfumed confetti shower.  When the lights faded and the dance-floor was pumping, the integrated dropped bulb lighting made this dance-floor master piece even more impressive.  Truly inspirational.

Wedding Band reception - Live band in Melbourne

Sets that take your guest on a journey

Heatwave are truly mood chameleons.  From the cool acoustic vibes throughout the ceremony, to jazzy funk tunes while guests enjoy their pre-dinner drinks through to pumping dance sets.  We’ve got you covered. 


It takes an exceptional team to make this magical wedding happen







Melbourne guitarist


Ceremony performance – Mel on vocals and Nico on guitar
Groovy Instrumental Pre-dinner music
Dance sets – Heatwave’s Dream team – 6 piece band

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