heatwave perform for our heroEs.

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On behalf of our adored agency Allegro Black Australia, Heatwave band were honoured to perform for the men and women that save our lives for a living.   In a matter of hours, The Melbourne Muesum was transformed into a dance party! 

It was an honour to say the least!

Our client was Epworth and we were super proud to perform the the men and woman that dedicate their lives to helping others.  They deserve to enjoy a night of fabulous music, dancing and celebration and they did just that.  Heatwave band’s Dream Team 6 piece line-up performed hits from all eras ensuring the room was pumpin’!

The Melbourne Museum set the scene for an amazing night and we performed with all of our hearts. The atmosphere was electric and the cocktail style event was a perfect choice for this fun crowd.

It was a sensational night!  Thanks to these incredible souls.

Enjoy a few pics and sneaky video of a moment in time!

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Setting the scene with a stunning venue (and one that can hold thousands of guests).

The Melbourne Museum is a perfect choice for large corporate events. It’s expansive yet stunning entrance is transformed with staging, lighting, pop up bars and decorations.  We have performed at corporate cocktail styled events as well as large Melbourne seated weddings at the Meloburne Museum.  Staging is the key to a sucessful event.

We performed on a stage, elevated from the guests so that everyone can enjoy the entertainment.

Quality food and beverages.

If you are planning a cocktail styled event it is crucial to have plenty of delicious food that is served out evenly to the guests. Wait staff had serving quarters to ensure all guests received enough food and beverages throughout the night.

Meals were both delicious with options available to suit dietry requirments as well as served in a timely manner.

Beverage stations as well as beverage wait staff ensured the guests were met with their drink requirements without moving too far.

A sensational Melbourne corporate band.

This is an absolute must. A great band can make or break an event so you need one that is professional, show fabulous showmanship and unbelievable talent.

Our brief was to create sophisticated dinner sets and absolutely pumpin’ dance sets performing a variety of styles and eras to suit the expansive interests of the audience.

The night began by guests entering the stunning Melbourne Museum to Heatwave Band performing a sophisticated, funky dinner music set.  We created a party atmosphere to make sure all of the guests had the time of their lives dancing the night away!

Providing extra touches.

We are blessed to have worked alongside many creative event planners.  Some have stood out from the crowd in thinking outside the box.  How do we go the extra mile for our guests?

Many events end with the final strum of the guitar but one of our clients, they had a special touch in store for their guests.

At the end of the night the event planner had organised a kebab truck station outside the venue ready for the guests departure.

A brilliant idea!

Music that makes you dance!

Heatwave band know what it takes to entertain.  At the core of a successful performance is not only talented and engaging vocalists but also choosing the perfect mix of hits is crucial.  Choosing Heatwave band means much more than professional, talented performances but also seemless transitions in between songs, engaging uplifting beats and cool interaction and audience involvement.  Heatwave is the number one choice for Melbourne Corporate entertainment

The Line-up.

Heatwave Band offers more than a sensational Dream Team line-up.  Featuring charismatic Male and Female vocalists with a kickin’ backline of Drums, Bass Keys and Guitar is just the beginingl  Many other favourable additions include the Heatwave Horns, Dancers and extra vocalists.  


It takes an exceptional team to make this magical wedding happen





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