Zonzo set the scene and Jessica and Reuben’s were the stars of this wedding.  Heatwave loved being a part of this stunning Melbourne Yarra Valley wedding.  We performed with an acoustic duo at the outdoor ceremony and with the full band for the cocktail styled reception.  Fabulous wedding, the atmosphere was electric and we adored seeing all ages dancing the night away.

Best wishes for your Wedding of the Year Entry!   Heatwave – Melbourne wedding band, live band in Melbourne

 “Hi Mel, just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the rest of the band for performing at our wedding. You were all amazing! I’m sorry I didn’t get to thank the rest of the band in person” xo Jess and Reuben.


  • Venue: Zonzo Receptions Yarra Valley
  • Photographer:  Metropol Weddings
    Metropol Weddings
    Metropol Weddings
  • Heatwave’s Ceremony Line-up: 2 members – Acoustic Guitarist and Vocalist.
  • Heatwave’s Ceremony Line-up: 6 members – Male and Female lead vocalists, drums, bass, keys and guitar.